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Writing board paint: a practical solution

01 2016
With TITAN Paint for Writing Boards you can turn any wall into a writing surface. A practical and ideal solution for kids’ bedrooms, for example, or for jotting down shopping lists in the kitchen or notes in the office.
TITAN for Writing Boards has many uses. Just think of all the places where you could create your own chalkboard?

  • On the fridge door
  • On a kitchen wall or in the kids’ room
  • On a table
  • On a bottle of wine
  • On a flowerpot
Can you think of anywhere else?
This semi-matt paint is specially formulated for painting and maintaining writing boards and is available in both black and green.
It is important that the surface is clean before applying the paint. Simply shake the can well before using and you’re on your way!
If the surface needs priming, we recommend the following before applying TITAN for Writing Boards:
Plaster: TITAN Sealing  or Multi-Purpose Primer
Wood: TITAN Protector, TITAN Sealing or Multi-Purpose Primer
Iron: Titanlux Synthetic Minium or Multi-Purpose Primer
Are you ready to fill your home with these fun and practical writing boards?

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