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Titanlak wood effect

03 2013

Ash oak, a new surprising shade

Would you like to change the appearance of an old metal or melamine piece of furniture?

Would you like to renew your old garage gate? Would you like your white wooden doors to recover its wooden appearance?

TITANLAK Wood Effect is our solution to give a new and fresh look to your furniture, gates or grilles. You will get the veined and silky  finish of real wood.

Easy-to-apply. Colour chart made out of 8 shades, such as oak, mahogany, walnut, light walnut, wenge, embero, sapely  and a new and surprising shade: ash oak

This colours gives added value to the previous colour chart since it matches with the newest decorating trends, such as Nordic ambiance or vintage looks.

TITANLAK Wood Effect, Your Old Furniture will look as new!

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