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TITAN UNILAK, the family is now complete


Titan unilak, the family is now complete

24 2014

There is a brand-new release at Industrias TITAN. The UNILAK family of multi-surface water-based enamels has a new member. So far we were able to choose between satin and matt finish. From now on, we can also select a third finish in two different colours: glossy white and glossy black.

And this is not the only news. Always trying hard to meet the ever-changing requirements of the consumers, TITAN has just expanded the range of TITAN UNILAK colours with 6 new satin finish shades and 4 new matt shades.

Sand, stone, lilac and light grey, both in matt and satin finish are the new additions to the range of calm shades which match any decoration style. And the deep blue and pistachio green bring freshness and boldness to the satin palette of TITAN UNILAK.

With these new colours and finishes, TITAN UNILAK becomes one of the most flexible ranges by Industrias TITAN.

It is an all-purpose paint which is suitable for any kind of surface –wood, plaster, methacrylate.... –both indoors and outdoors. Being water-based and with no need for solvent thinners, the application is easy and clean. It dries in 1 or 2 hours and it leaves no odour trace. Now the choice is still easier with a new enlarged colour palette which matches the latest fashions and trends: 25 satin finish shades, 14 matt shades, the new glossy black and white for classic, contemporary, vintage, rustic atmospheres..... A colour and a finish for every style.

TITAN UNILAK, the most practical choice.

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