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Titan unilak new paint bases, a world of infinite colours

15 2015
Do you have a colour in mind that you cannot find? Don't worry. TITAN creates it for you. And it makes your colour in a really easy-to apply paint: our waterbased UNILAK Multi-Surface Enamel. Now it is available in a new pack type, in satin and gloss finish, and ready to be tinted.
And who is to dye it? Once again, don't worry. You will not have to make any cumbersome mixture of paint with pigments, only to obtain a similar shade. The SERVICOLOR TITAN tinting equipment  will achieve the exact colour that you are looking for and will repeat it as many times as required without the slightest variation. Cutting-edge technology at the service of colour.
With the new UNILAK tinting bases, the very wide colour chart of this product exceeds its limits and creates a world of infinite shades. This large palette, together with easy application –by brush, roller or spray-gun, and perfect finish,  make UNILAK one of the TITAN star products.
But its advantages are many more. Because of its high adhesion and elasticity, it is suited for coating a wide variety of surfaces –wood, brick, plaster, ceramics, canvas. etc.- UNILAK dries into a film that protects the surfaces from moist, mould and external agents. Its high coverage and top resistance to mar and washes keep the painted surfaces in perfect condition for a very long time.
Choosing TITAN UNILAK means obtaining excellent results, and now also in all the colours that you get to imagine. It is guaranteed.

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