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Titan one-coat vintage colours

09 2016
No one questions that retro is in. A vintage style that Titanlux has updated in step with current trends with a new line of Titan Single-Coat Vintage Colours. Six new colours packed with personality to express this new yet old style, the perfect way to embrace this in-vogue look in any room.
The new Titan Single-Coat Vintage Colours (Vintage Blue, Vintage Green, Vintage Mauve, Vintage Rose, Vintage Grey and Medium Stone) are the ideal solution for creating different environments in your own home complete with that retro flair. Vintage Blue and Vintage Green can add a pop of freshness to any room, perfect for kicking back and relaxing after a hard day’s work. Or if harmony is what you’re looking for, opt for the more neutral Vintage Mauve, Vintage Rose, Vintage Grey and Medium Stone colours.
Drawing inspiration from the ’30s and ’40s, this style is perfect for creating contrasts in a room with a blend of modern and retro touches. Colours like Vintage Mauve, Vintage Pink and Vintage Green are ideal for any home. They are colours that make all the difference after you’ve personalised the space with furniture and other décor.
What kind of decorations work best? They should be (or at least appear to be) old – the best solution is to combine the two and recycle old furniture. You’ll find loads of ideas on this blog! Get inspired, get the look and create your own vintage space!
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