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TITAN Fills PORTAVENTURA with colour

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Titan fills portaventura with colour

17 2014

Once again TITAN collaborates in the maintenance of the facilities of PortAventura.

Over 2 years ago, TITAN products were selected and Industrias TITAN became official partner of this theme park because, as a leading manufacturer, it is able to supply the high quality coatings required for the protection and decoration of the attractions.

With this agreement, TITAN provides technical advice to the leisure resort. TITAN paints will be used not only for new attractions and facilities but also for the maintenance of the existing ones. One example is TITANLUX Synthetic Enamel, which is perfect for the unique red colour of one the main symbols of PortAventura: the Dragon Khan. It is a high gloss enamel with excellent resistance to weathering and scratching as well as with top coverage and elasticity.

TITAN UNILAK water-based enamel is also one of the products selected for the park attractions. It is especially suited to the funny elements of the SésamoAventura children's area because of its wide colour choice, easy application and high adhesion on any kind of surface. Once dry, this enamel makes a dry film that protects the coated items from moist and weathering agents. This can also be achieved with the TITANXYL varnishes and lasurs in the Far West area, because these products prevent damage to wood caused by moist, mould, worms and termites while keeping a very natural rustic finish.

But not only the attractions can get the colour and protection of TITAN products. TITAN emulsion paints were also chosen to decorate the resort hotels because of their quality finish, high coverage, easy application and top resistance.

It is a whole colour world created by TITAN to fill with fantasy the magic PortAventura.

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