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New clay effect enamel

14 2014

Do you want to transform any piece of furniture into a piece of clay?

Do you want to restore the fresh look of a pot that eventually became full of mould or scorched by the sun?

Industrias TITAN launches onto the market the new Matt Terracotta shade. It is available among the colour choice of its flagship product, TITANLUX Synthetic Enamel. Therefore, it has the same features of opacity, drying, durability and resistance as the rest of the colours of this chart. The new shade can be applied both indoors and outdoors and, the most important thing, on any surface of wood, iron, steel, aluminium, plaster, stone and even fabric.

The final result is surprising since both appearance and touch are exactly the same as a piece of freshly baked terracotta.

In addition, once painted with the Matt Terracotta shade, you can further decorate the pot with any kind of paint and even chalk, to get a more decorative touch.

Imagine new finishes or simply restore old items of earthenware, pottery or terracotta with TITANLUX Synthetic Enamel.

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