titan arts chalk paint acualux mate

titan arts chalk paint acualiux mate

Decorate your home and restore your wood furniture by creating a Chalk Paint effect with ACUALUX MATE. You will need:
_ A wooden object to decorate
_ Brushes and rags
_ Cardboard and a cutter to create the stencil, or a laser cutter
_ Sandpaper or sanding machine
_ ACUALUX MATE in the colours you prefer

titan arts acualux mate chalk paint

1. Apply a first coat of ACUALUX MATE PAINT and wait until it is completely dry. You can apply the colour directly on the wood without a primer as the paint works excellently on this material, although a careful preparation of the base will always be appreciated in the final result.


2. Apply another colour to combine with that of the first layer. This won’t be hard as there are 17 different shades to choose from!

titan arts acualux mate chalk paint

3. Create a stencil (or, if you prefer, buy a ready-made one) and apply it on the second layer of paint that should be completely dry.

titan arts acualux mate chalk paint

4. Sand the entire surface, paying close attention to the areas where you want to highlight the combination of colours. This is to ensure you achieve the desired effect: mate and smooth with layers of soft colour. You can sand by hand or with an electric sander, which will be faster, but always using a fine grain paper. There is no need to varnish the end result as ACUALUX MATE PAINT is remarkably resilient. If you do wish to add an additional protective layer, apply ACUALUX MATE VARNISH.

titan arts acualux mate chalk paint

5. And there you have it: Shabby Chic decor for your home!

*We recommend carrying out a small application test before proceeding with the entire process. The support you choose to paint will create different results, so it always best to do an initial test to make sure the final result will meet your expectations.

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